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We are looking for high impact start-ups that are ready for their next expansion phase, passionate founders and co-founders who are looking to commercialize their technology, and builders who have an idea that they want to validate.

The Suzhou Government is offering unprecedented support to attract companies and talents and this is your opportunity. 10 applicants will be provided the chance to pitch to distinguished guests and top venture capital leaders. 

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Application deadline has been extended to 15th of May due to overwhelming requests.


Attractive Cash Prizes

6 selected projects will win attractive cash prizes worth RMB$100,000. There are 3 second runner-up prizes (RMB$10,000), 2 first runner-up prizes (RMB$20,000) and 1 top prize (RMB$30,000).

Access to Collaborations

Winning regional finalists (6 of 10 selected projects) are announced locally and regionally, and gain access to a pool of qualified mentors and investors who can help accelerate your project.

Subsidized China Trip

6 of the top 10 participants will get sponsored trips to China (accommodation and travel) to compete in the Suzhou Venture Week, where up to RMB$300,000 cash is offered (subject to further updates due to COVID-19 situation).

Strong Government Support

This contest is sponsored by the Suzhou Municipal City and aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the city. A series of cash grants (worth RMB$2,000,000-RMB$6,500,000) are available for strong projects.

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“Win the Future” 2021 Venture Contest to Bring Start-ups To Jumpstart in China    31st March 2021 – “Win the Future” 2021 Venture Contest has announced its official commencement and is now open for submission. Jointly organised by International Elite Entrepreneurship Enterprise Alliance, Suzhou (Singapore), International Maker Training Center, Nanyang High-tech Innovation Center (Suzhou) (NTUIC), the Singapore Division of the competition is led by NTUIC and jointly hosted by Techsumption and ACIES Ventures.   Selected Finalists from Represent Division in Grand Final in Suzhou “Win the Future” 2021 is a competition ideal for start-ups who wish to test themselves and serve an extensive platform to help start-ups achieve their goals through leveraging resource support. The contest will enable start-ups to gain a wide variety of collaboration and fundraising opportunities in China, with the local government extending millions of RRM to set up office in Suzhou. This is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to jumpstart the development of start-up idea with a strong foothold in China which they can serve as an excellent launch pad for entrepreneurs who have set their sights to develop their business across the region. Leading up to the Grand Final in Suzhou, China, the Preliminary Divisions contests will be held in 5 domestic divisions, namely, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Greater Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta, Central China Film and Southwest of China; together with 10 overseas divisions in Singapore, Oceania, Sweden, Japan, North America, Europe, Finland, France, Britain, Germany. The registration for the Division competition is now open until 20th May 2021 with the local Divisional Final to be held on 1st June 2021. Attractive prizes await for winners at both Divisional Level and at the Grand Final. Top 6 finalists at the Division Level will win a total cash prize of CNY 100,000 (SGD20,000). In the Grand Final slated to be held in June/July, 10 winners will walk away with cash prizes, top prize being CNY 100,000 (SGD20,000), in addition to gaining funding opportunities and market access resources. Winners will also be able to tap on Suzhou’s leading innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem such as the Gusu Leading Talents Program, venture capital institutions partners and priority loan credit support from bank partners of the competition.   Strong Support from Various Agencies in Suzhou This entire contest is an initiative spearheaded by Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week Settlement Enterprise Alliance and supported by multiple agencies based in Suzhou such as Suzhou International and Domestic Maker Training Center, and Suzhou Talent Work Overseas Cooperation Organization, with the key objective of supporting foreign entrepreneurship and foster cross-cultural exchange in business. “Win the Future” International Maker Competition was founded in 2011 and has been recognised as an esteemed high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship contest. As of 2020, the competition has successfully held a total of 9 runs, attracting more than 6,200 entries and a total of more than 28,000 talents.   Suzhou is China’s Rising World-Class Metropolis for Start-ups The eastern municipality’s GDP was CNY2.02 trillion in 2020, ranking sixth in China. One of the three major industrial cities in the country, Suzhou has more than 144 domestic A-share listed companies, ranking fifth in the country, and 20 companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, ranking third in the country.  At the “Conference of Further Opening-Up in Suzhou”, 30 ground-breaking policy measures in 5 areas of developments were announced, to further establish Suzhou as a key state to test bed innovation in an environment that is ideal for company growth in view of its prime location, low operating costs, and favourable policy environment. Interested members of the public are encouraged to sign up before the deadline.   “As the world recovers from the pandemic, NTUIC finds the program more valuable than ever to boost the start-up ecosystem by providing a platform to create good landing pad opportunities and foster synergistic growth between China and Singapore,” said Alec Xu, Director of NTUIC.   “ACIES is delighted and excited to be part of this collaboration to promote growth in the local start-up ecosystem. The pandemic may be a trying time for many but it has also set the stage for multiple opportunities. We strongly advocate start-ups to join this program to gain international exposure and leverage the chance for cross border growth,” said Jose He, CEO of ACIES Ventures.   About NTUIC Nanyang High-tech Innovation Center was established in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 2017, An innovative platform authorized by NTUitive, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, it was approved as a construction project of the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Plan International Technology Transfer Service Agency in 2019 and is a member of Suzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Overseas Cooperation Organization.   About Techsumption Ventures Techsumption Ventures is a venture acceleration lab focused on driving market validated technologies and products to APAC.    About ACIES Ventures A boutique venture building and innovation enabler studio for founders and corporate entities to come together to jointly solve pressing problems in today’s increasingly complex and rigorous business, political and social landscape. ACIES looks to enable visionary entrepreneurs and technology talents to develop promising and fast-growing start-ups through empowering with transferrable, applicable and scalable skillsets, regardless which point of the entrepreneurship journey they are at.