What We Do

We believe in strength of empowerment and the amplification effect when enablement meets collaboration.  

Who We Work With

What We Do

ACIES Ventures empowers visionary entrepreneurs and technology talents to build and grow promising, fast-growing startups


We assist companies with their innovation initiatives or business expansion objectives by identifying high-growth startups and facilitating partnership and development discussions between C-level executives of both parties.

Higher learning institutes

We partner education institutes to run programs to nurture entrepreneurs of the future with specially curated contents to gear start-ups with the right skillsets and practical knowledge. Our highly experienced mentors and trainers are able to guide and mentor start-ups no matter at which point of the entrepreneurship journey they are in.

Resources For Success

Our expertise assist companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to achieve development in their vertical or horizontal business objectives.


Build great companies by leveraging on proven and validated methodologies


Identify and work on top business and operational priorities to achieve market traction



Tap into validated and identified metrics to gain market insights and access for soft-landing and border-crossing development.


Scout and cultivate promising technologies to cement market dominance

We Help You

For Digital Era

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