ACIES Ventures | ACIES and Rescale Labs sign MoU

Press Release – ACIES Ventures and Rescale Lab to Extend Knowledge Sharing for Startups


SINGAPORE — ACIES Ventures (ACIES) announces the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rescale Lab recently. This strategic and opportune collaboration entails the knowledge of both parties to co-host venture-building workshops and events for clients which have grown in focus since the pandemic. The MoU was signed by ACIES Venture’s Co-founder and CEO, Mr Jose He, and Rescale Lab’s CEO and founder, Mr Gustavo Liu.

This collaboration hopes to enable startups through the relaying of skills and knowledge, and empower those who seek to build their startups in this period of uncertainty. It also serves as a great juncture for entrepreneurs who are seizing the opportunity to grow their startups while the economy prepares itself for the next wave of growth. 

With its mission to “realise innovation by enabling collaborative venture developments and empowering startups with skills of tomorrow”, ACIES Ventures places its focus on working with corporate and educational institutions to form synergistic collaboration and developmental growth with startups. 

“Having been through what it is like to be in the early stages of a startup, I can completely empathise with the startups’ founders, especially so with COVID-19 putting a standstill on so many projects. ACIES and Rescale Lab are thrilled to deliver what we have and what we can do for the ecosystem. Together with Rescale Lab, we look to grow with the startups and help pave a successful future for them.” said Mr Jose He.

In this partnership, the project leader will be overseeing the project in its entirety — this includes managing client relationships, marketing collaterals, financial and operational works, and the management of stakeholders. The partnering firm will, on the other hand, ensure the provision of the startup’s expertise in venture building by providing training courses and consultations on venture building. 

ACIES Ventures and Rescale Lab To Extend Knowledge Sharing For Startups

Signing of the MoU by ACIES Ventures and Rescale Lab


About Rescale Lab

Rescale Lab, a subsidiary of EAT Launchpad (EATL) was founded in 2018. It serves as a platform that offers the world’s first virtual venture building experience, aiming to empower startups. Rescale Lab believes that everyone has a chance to solve problems, providing guidance to entrepreneurs and experts to establish a successful startup.

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About ACIES Ventures

A boutique venture building and innovation enabler studio for founders and corporate entities to come together to jointly solve pressing problems in today’s increasingly complex and rigorous business, political and social landscape. ACIES looks to enable visionary entrepreneurs and technology talents to develop promising and fast-growing start-ups through empowering them with transferable, applicable, and scalable skillsets, regardless of which point of the entrepreneurship journey they are at.

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