Are you an innovative, high-impact start-ups ready to grow or looking for the next expansion phase? We are looking for passionate founders who are looking to commercialize their technology and builders who have an innovative idea that they want to validate.

In its 10th season, the Nanjing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is offering unprecedented support to start-ups and talents and this is your opportunity! 10 selected start-ups will walk away with 10,000 RMB (~~2000 SGD) plus pitch to distinguished business leaders and top venture capital leaders.

In addition, outstanding start-ups will be selected to enter the grand finals held in Nanjing.

Participation requirements
  • All talents with overseas study or work background with a start-up idea; or start-ups with innovative technologies; or and aspirations to start a business in Nanjing are welcome to apply; 
  • Contestants must be under 50 years old; 
  • Start-ups should not more than 3 years old;
  • Those who have started a business in Nanjing; or have been selected for the Nanjing Key Talent Program prior to this competition need not apply.
Participating Projects should ideally be in the following sectors
  • Nanjing’s “4+4+1” leading industries and eight major industry chains
  • Modern service industries and cultural and creative industries with high technological content or innovative business models
  • Modern agricultural science and technology industries or other industries
Awards and Prizes
Attractive Cash Prizes

4 first prize winners will receive a bonus of RMB 30,000 per person; 6 second prize winners will receive RMB 20,000 per person; 10 third prize winners will receive RMB 10,000 per person.

Talent Settlement

If the winners are in Nanjing, in accordance with the relevant policies of the “Nanjing City Talents Settlement Measures (Trial)”《南京市人才安居办法(试行)》, can enjoy the D-type talent settlement and purchase a co-ownership of approximately 90 square metres in Nanjing, lease an apartment or apply for a monthly rental subsidy of RMB 3,600.

Entrepreneurship Support

Contestants who won the first prize in the finals and are physically in Nanjing will be recommended and directly selected for the key talent development plan for entreprenurship in Nanjing 

Venture Capital Financial Support

Winners of the final contest can get financing service counseling, including counseling business plans, financing, and opportunities to connect with venture capital institutions in 20 professional fields.

Win At Nanjing 2021_finals
Win At Nanjing 2021

First prize winners of the “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Competition Finals in the past two years, who have passed the district (park) selection, were granted no less than RMB 500,000 in funding.  Entrepreneurship talents who are selected and recognised at the municipal level will be granted 3 million RMB, 2 million RMB, and 1 million RMB in funding according to the category it falls under (Category A, Category B, and Category C). 

Hurry! Application for the contest ends in: