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Singapore Division "Win The Future" Venture Contest

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Are you an innovative, high-impact start-ups ready to grow or looking for the next expansion phase? We are looking for passionate founders who are looking to commercialize their technology and builders who have an innovative idea that they want to validate. 

Get a chance to pitch to distinguished business leaders and top venture capital leaders.

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About Our Company

ACIES Ventures

We are a boutique venture building and innovation enabler studio for founders and corporate entities to come together to jointly solve pressing problems in today’s increasingly complex and rigorous business, political and social landscape.


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For Over 30+ Years Experience

We assist companies with their innovation initiatives or business expansion objectives by identifying high-growth startups and facilitating partnership and development discussions between C-level executives of both parties.

  • Why is it worth it?
  • Problem/Solution
  • How do you get there?
  • Best practices
  • Educate, Act, Transform
  • Your pitch
  • Bring it together
  • Building resilience in founders
  • Innovation vs Disruption
  • Market dynamics
  • Adjacent Possible
  • Decision Making
  • Pivots & adapting
  • Global Landscape
  • About the customer
  • Dealing with failures
  • Expert Manifesto
  • Sustainable goals
  • Impact vision and mission
  • Theory of Change
  • Social Impact Indicators
  • Crafting impact story
  • Data for good
  • Impact learning and reporting
  • Impact investing businesses
  • About your team & co-founders
  • About your organisation
  • Analysing GAD
  • About bootstrapping
  • Founding structures
  • About advisors & vendors
  • About strategic partnerships
  • Digital frameworks
  • Pitch deck 101
  • What happens in the elevator
  • Building partnerships
  • To raise or not to raise
  • Driving into financials
  • Wearing investor shoes
  • Managing meetings
  • The colour of money
Developing New World Class Ventures
ACIES Ventures leverages both the entrenched and emerging trends to develop new world class ventures with four strong fundamental pillars.


New businesses we cultivate must make economic sense and be sustainable in the long run through careful management of their revenues, costs and financing options


Ventures grown have to result in a net positive to society, advancing empathy and solving humanity’s problems with deliberate thoughtfulness


Successful companies will embrace local cultural values, expand from their local identities, and localize appealing elements of their values, for the world


Businesses that have superior technological advantages form natural barriers to entries for potential competitors, maximizing the benefits of a free market

Our Latest Event

The venture pitching event was successfully completed. Click here to watch the recap to this event!

ACIES Ventures Nanjing Venture Pitching
Network and Partners

Working with like-minded partners

“The program has exceeded my expectations in delivering the content. It was engaging, fun and an eye opener. The case studies presented helped with the delivery of the content and the sharing session by the industry experts exposed the participants to the real problems and trends.”

Singapore University of Technology and Design

“Jose and his team has been more than willing to help young entrepreneurs out in their early stages in achieving their start up dreams through the unique workshops. With one to one guidance and mass sharing sessions with SMU Real Business Club members multiple times, the team has helped to inspire young adults and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the start up scene. Great to work with and would definitely invite them for more sharing sessions!”

Singapore Management University

“I am extremely lucky to have worked with Jose on numerous occasions for SIM Young Entrepreneur events. His team has shown profound knowledge in the entrepreneurial world, and the session had imbued the students and members with his enthusiasm and motivation.”

Young Entrepreneur Network

We are happy to partner ACIES Ventures to bring greater value to the entrepreneurship landscape

Gustava Liu

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